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Cattleya Orchids

To me, the Cattleya Alliance of orchids is the most beautiful. Also, the Cattleya orchid can be very expensive. I do sell some divisions of my Cattleyas as they become available. I have a wide variety of plants. The Cattleya is not difficult to grow, but it can be temperamental, especially some of the species in the Cattleya Alliance. Most often people say they grow these big, beautiful plants but just can't get them to bloom. Most likely, the problem is that the grower is not meeting the needs of the plant.

Cattleya type plants tend to want bright light, but not direct sunlight. They also need to be fed during the growing season a balanced fertilizer. Pest can also be a problem - particularly scale, thrips, and slugs. Each of these pest can be controlled, but the grower must watch closely for problems and treat the problem early in the infestation.