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Phalaenopsis are one of the best orchids for home decoration. A Phale can remain in bloom for months if properly cared for. The primary cause of failure in growing Phales is over watering. While there are many people who have "tricks" on how to grow these little beauties, it is best to remember that the tricks are only a guide! You need to watch your plant and understand what the plant is telling you that it needs and likes.

The first rule is to know what you are purchasing. Unfortunately, most big box retailers are in the business of quick sales and turn the plants around. Most Phales purchased in these stores end up in the trash can after a few weeks. Many times, the plant is already dying before it is taken away from the store!

Phales are an easy to grow orchid. But they do require proper food, water, and sunlight. I do not stock Phales on a regular basis but do on occasion have them available.