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Welcome to Bubba's Orchids.com! 


My name is Bubba - at least that is what everyone calls me. For years I have had a few of these funny looking plants they call orchids. At different times of the year, I would be presented with beautiful blooms. I started out with just one and then another... then another...  then another. Soon, my "collection" grew to over a hundred plants!

Yes, I have not been very good at keeping this website up to date! I guess I need to change that.

This has been a HOT summer. But, that is great for growing plants! Many of my plants have grown bigger and stronger. I have expanded into other plants - not just orchids! Of course, the greenhouse is reserved mostly for orchids! That means that I need to sell my annual and perennial plants before winter. I have spent many Saturdays this summer at the Barn Yard Flea Market on Hwy 1 in Columbia selling plants. I still have stock and am planning on an end of season yard plant sale later in September. I will provide more information on that soon.