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Welcome to Bubba's Orchids.com! 


My name is Bubba - at least that is what everyone calls me. For years I have had a few of these funny looking plants they call orchids. At different times of the year, I would be presented with beautiful blooms. I started out with just one and then another... then another...  then another. Soon, my "collection" grew to over a hundred plants!

Yes, I have not been very good at keeping this website up to date! I guess I need to change that.

This has been a HOT summer. But, that is great for growing plants! Many of my plants have grown bigger and stronger. I have expanded into other plants - not just orchids! Of course, the greenhouse is reserved mostly for orchids! That means that I need to sell my annual and perennial plants before winter. I have spent many Saturdays this summer at the Barn Yard Flea Market on Hwy 1 in Columbia selling plants. I still have stock and am planning on an end of season yard plant sale later in September. I will provide more information on that soon.


I had one yard sale last month, but had many people that couldn't get to it. School was about to start, and they were out of town! So, after many request, I am doing it again THIS SATURDAY - SEPTEMBER 17. One day only.

Sale will be at 154 Hopeland Farm Drive, Aiken, SC. Just off Banks Mill Road.

Sale will start at 8:00 AM and is scheduled to run to 2:00 PM.

Many PLANTS! Tropicals, Annuals (Yes there is still time to enjoy them before frost!) and Perenniels.

Giant UPRIGHT Elephant Ears, (Alocsia Persian Palm)

Banana Trees (Gran Nain Fruit Producing)

Black Elephant Ears (Painted Black Gecko)

Bat Face Cuphea

Ginger (Orange Flowering 'Disney', and Yellow flowering 'Anne Bishop')

Bletillia (Hardy ground orchids - Plant now will bloom next spring!)

Confederate Roses, Hibiscus, Tropical Orchids, Spanish Olive Trees....Many others. SOME ITEMS VERY LIMITED!

Hope to see you there!

Below are a few examples of the plants for sale

Black Elephant Ears Upright Elephant Ear
Colecasia Black Painted Gekko Upright Elephant Ear (Persian Palm)
Ginger (orange Flowers) Sun Coleus
Ginger Sun Coleus
Bat Face Cuphea Misc Perennials
Bat Face Cuphea Misc. Perinneals
Bletillia Orchids White Spider and Banana
Bletillia   (pink) White Spider and Banana